Kent Test Exam Practice Days

These Kent Test Exam Practice sessions give the children a chance to experience what it will be like to sit all four test papers for the Kent Test, timed and in one go - like they will have to in September. For many children this will be their first experience of a formal test and it is this experience, rather than the result that is important. Errors made give the children a good opportunity to understand which subjects and topics they need to revise or obtain extra help with.

Current Mathsgo 11+ Club students will have priority booking for one week, before places are opened up to other children. All places will be given on a first-come / first-served basis. 2019 Kent Test Exam Practice Days: £40 (£5 discount for Mathsgo 11+ Club students):

Wednesday May 29th (10am -1pm) – St. Stephen’s Community Centre, Tenterden Drive, Canterbury.CT2 7BN
Saturday July 20th (10am - 1pm) - St. Stephen’s Community Centre, Tenterden Drive, Canterbury.CT2 7BN

Bookings will be taken from Wednesday 17th April

The timetable for each morning will be:

Kent Test Exam Practice Days

All marked papers will be returned directly to the parents at the next Mathsgo 11+ Club, or sent by post for children who do not attend Mathsgo 11+ Club. I strongly recommend that results are not shared between children, as comparisons by their nature, may undermine confidence in some and can induce complacency in others.