Game ideas for practising number bonds

For all of these games remove the Duck Decimal Point card

Clear the Deck*

Can be played by one child or by several taking turns. A dealer is needed for each game.

For whichever number bond you are practising remove any higher value cards.

Deal, face-up, 1-less number of cards in a grid shape, than the number you are practising. (i.e. if practising 9 deal out 8 cards.) Start a timer.

Each player finds and then removes a pair of cards that add up to the chosen number. The dealer replaces the 2 cards as soon as they are removed from the remaining stack. Play keeps going until all the cards have gone.
Stop the timer. Play again and try to remove the cards quicker.

Banking 10s*

For 2 or more players. Deal 4 cards to each player.

If the first player can make 10 with two of their cards they say the pair aloud (i.e. 7 and 3 make 10) and place the cards face down in front of them. They take another card from the stack and if they have another pair can place it down and take another card. Continue until they do not have a pair that make 10. Then it is the next player’s turn.
Continue until all the cards are gone and nobody can go.
Now players add up their banked cards by turning them over one at a time and keeping a running score (i.e.for cards 7,3,2 & 8 it would be 7, 10, 12, 20)

Winner is person with highest score.
Harder game: subtract each card left in the hand from the total.
Easier game: Banking 5s - use just the cards 1-4 or 1-5 (I usually leave the 5 cards in to give more to add up)


Deal out 2 cards to each player. The cards are placed in front of them as 2 corners of a triangle with the highest value at the top and the lowest value on one of the bottom corners. In turn each player then takes a card from the stack. If the card, when added to the one at the bottom of the triangle, makes the number at the top of the triangle they shout, “triangle” and complete it. (i.e. if the first two cards are 7 and 4 then the 7 goes on top and a 3 is needed to complete the triangle). They then take two new cards to start to form a new triangle.

If the card they take does not add up they return it to the bottom of the stack and the next player has a turn.

Winner is either first person to complete 3 triangles or person with most when all cards are used up or everyone is stuck.

Five Plus

Separate the cards 1-5 from 6-10. Deal out the 6-10 cards to the players - who place them face up in front of them.

Spread out the 1-5 cards face down between the players.

Each player takes it turns to turn over a card from the middle. If when they add 5 to it, the total is the same as one of their cards they place it face down on that card. (i.e. if they turn over a 3 they can cover an 8 in front of them).

Winner is the first player to cover all their cards.

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