Attention Deficit Disorder

Specific Difficulties in Learning Maths can be independent of, or in conjunction with Dyscalculia. Research suggests that around 60% of people with a specific learning disorder will also be affected by one or more additional disorder, which can make identification of the root causes of Maths difficulties difficult to pin point. The following symptoms may have some overlap with Dyscalculia but attempt to highlight the possible mathematical difficulties due to the uniqueness of this condition.

ADD can affect an individual with or without the hyperactivity component. Students find it difficult to maintain concentration and therefore miss key elements of teaching or consolidation of learning. They will often talk out loud while doing Maths, rather than using inner speech and find it difficult to shut out noise or concentrate in groups.

Symptoms may include:

  • Difficulty ignoring information that is not relevant in word problems
  • Difficulty solving problems with multiple procedures or steps
  • Difficulty solving problems systematically.
  • Difficulty deciding whether a particular maths strategy will be useful or not.
  • Difficulty remembering and using knowledge previously learned.