Resources to help understand Maths

Useful links to books, websites and other resources for learning, teaching and revision

Dot-Spot Playing Cards
These cards can be used to help construct the concept of each numbers without reference to their digit. Each new number is clearly one more than the last one and all the previous numbers can also be seen hiding within it.
It Just Doesn’t Add Up – Paul Moorcroft

Paul explains how he coped with having undiagnosed Dyscalculia for many years as a successful journalist.

Dyslexia, Dyscalculia & Mathematics – Anne Henderson
A good book accessible to teachers, parents and secondary aged students, with lots of ideas and tips to help students learn and remember maths facts.
Jo Boaler Books and Website

Jo researches and writes about how/why Maths Anxiety is so prevalent. She is passionate about enabling all students to have a positive growth mindset about their ability to learn and understand maths.

Cuisenaire Rods

Mathematics learning aids for students that provide an enactive, hands-on way to explore mathematics and learn mathematical concepts, such as the four basic arithmetical operations, working with fractions and finding divisors.


An excellent learning aid in particular when exploring arithmetical concepts such as number bonds, odd and even numbers and 2-digit numbers.

Base 10

A brilliant resource when learning about place value and how we write numbers the way we do. By using “if statements” decimal places as well as big numbers can be explored.


These are brilliant for numbers to 20, number bonds, doubles and adding or subtracting using bridging.

A good resource for teachers of secondary aged students.

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